Repeating action in repeating project

I have a repeating project that looks like this:

Have an eye test (sequential, defer again two years)
-Book eye examination (due again two years years)
-Choose new glasses
-Order new glasses

Action 1 is the most important and requires a due date. The project as a whole has no due date because the remaining actions do not need a deadline (indeed they may not be necessary if the eye examination shows that new glasses are not necessary).

I am not sure about how the repeating action will interact with the repeating project. Am I misusing OmniFocus?

Hey there! I happen to have a similar project for my own eye exams. I have it set up much like yours, with one key difference: the first task, the one with a due date, doesn’t repeat.

I can get away with this because OmniFocus will copy all of the tasks inside a repeating project for the next iteration of that project, adjusting dates relative to the new iteration as it goes. This means that in my new project, the first task will automatically have a due date that’s offset appropriately from the project’s defer date.

Does that seem like it would work for you?

That’s good to know - thanks!

Is it possible to have “Book eye examination” repeat with reference its own completion date, rather than that of project?

Not at the moment, I’m afraid. You could work around that a couple different ways – move that task to a different (non-repeating) project, or adjust the date manually the next time that project comes up for review. If this is a nuisance for you, though, we’d love to hear about it – shoot us an email!

No, it’s not a big deal. I’ve decided to move the “Book eye examination” task outside the project and delete the rest. If I need to order glasses I’ll set that up after the exam.

Thanks for your thoughts on this.