Repeating Daily Checklists on Certain Days as a Project?

I’m a novice at using omnifocus and I am not fully familiar with all of the vernacular.

I’m trying to implement a project that functions as a morning checklist every work day. I find it useful just to make sure I’m set for the day, and checking off some items in the morning just starts the day off on a positive note.

But I’m having trouble. It seems that repeat every and defer after completion don’t exactly function the way I’d like.

I want the project due at a certain time on certain mornings only. Say, M-F due by 8. Once I check off all of the items, I’d like to mark the project complete and then not see it again or any of the actions in it until the next morning when I wake up, at 530.

I feel as though this should be a straight forward thing for a to-do app to handle; yet, none of the ways I’ve attempted to implement it work. Either the project appears again right away, which I don’t want, or it defers to seemingly random times that I don’t understand.

How can I implement this daily checklist?

EDIT: I only have access to omnifocus on iOS

Try this:
Defer Until = today 5:30am
Due = today 8am
Repeat = Repeat Regularly, Repeat every 1 week (select M-F)

Items will show as overdue from this morning, check them off, project should not appear as Available until tomorrow morning.

IIRC, “Defer Again…” at X frequency is based off the completion time, so that will generate random time.

ETA some vernacular: Defer = Start time, without a stated Defer date a project or task is considerable available to work on. So without a Defer date, a repeating task/project will immediately generate the next occurrence.


What @aeryn shared is the way to do this right now in OmniFocus 2!

That said, we are aware that setting up repeating items as desired can be challenging sometimes, and we’re hoping to make things much easier and approachable in OmniFocus 3 which will be coming out later this year.

If you are still having trouble getting the results you want right now though, please send email us and we’ll be happy to help further!