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New user who has migrated to OF from 2Do and Things before that. I am having a horrible time with something very basic. I have a sequential project–“Morning Routine”–with four actions in it. I want this to show up every day in my Today perspective (Flagged or Due), deferred until 6am, due 7am. Then, I don’t want to see it again until the next day, when I see it one task at a time… Simple, right? Not so. I’ve tried setting it this way with the individual actions, the project, and both, never getting it right. I’ve tried altering the view between it’s various settings and cant’s seem to get it to act predictably. I end up seeing new copies of the same action for earlier dates or the next day. Sometimes, actions seem to expand on their own and I have dozens of the same event for the same day. Never had such trouble getting predictable results from a task manager. I’m getting pretty frustrated and looking for guidance on how to set-up such a project to see if I’m doing it right. Or, if I have a glitch. I’m running 2.6.2 (v109.3.9 r267637). TIA

While I can’t offer the exact settings you are looking for, I can tell you that you are not alone! I struggled for quite a long time with repeating tasks in OF. The light finally went off in my head when I started creating test tasks and projects and observed them over several days to see how the various repeat options behaved. For whatever reason the way OF works is not intuitive to me. Once I found a setup that worked as desired it is easy to replicate with the same settings.

Also, and I’m not 100% on this, but it seems that editing an existing set of recurring tasks did not always function as I expected. Best to start again and create a fresh project and tasks.

I’m sure others here can help with specific examples. Stick with it!

Be careful where you have the repeat set. If part of a project the repeat decision is very important. You can end up with multiple copies if you create ‘double’ repeats inside a project. I’m not certain how you have set it but I made the same mistakes as you in the early days. Set up a test project with repeat only on the project and leave the actions without repeat set. The actions will repeat after the project is itself complete. Once it ‘clicks’ you won’t look back!

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I believe the only way you’ll get the behavior your looking for is to set your Today perspective setting for “Filter by availability” to “Remaining”.