Repeating Daily Routine will not appear in perspectives

I have two repeating routines, one is morning and one is night. They are set up exactly the same way (unless I am blind - see pics below).




But now when I look in my Flagged, and Today views I do not see the Night Routine.



Maybe the night routine is corrupt or something?

OK I can only put one image in a post as I am a new user.

I’m not on OF2 but isn’t that the sequential project icon?

Repeating tasks within a sequential project don’t work (or at least they don’t in OF1), the first repeating task can never be “completed” so you can never get to the subsequent task(s). Try changing the project to parallel and see if you get the results you’re looking for.


Exactly. That’s the issue. Completing the 1st task will generate a new 1st task, meaning the 2nd task will never become active (in a sequential project).

OK, feel stupid now. Yes that was it. Thanks to both of you.

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