Repeating deferred tasks

Hi all,

I have recently started using OmniFocus and like it so far.

I am having difficulty with creating a daily repeating deferred task that is not dependent on whether I actually complete the task that day. I want it to repeat the next day or on certain days of the week but show as deferred in forecast.

Whenever I set a deferred repeating task it does not actually show as deferred the next day when it should in forecast. This happens regardless of whether assigned date or from completion.

Hope that makes sense.

If you click on the ‘eyeball’ icon when in forecast mode it will let you change the settings for forecast. Have you enabled “Deferred Items” in that view ?

That may do the trick for you.

Yep done this. I have noticed that the only way a deferred task will repeat as it should is if I skip or complete it. Otherwise it simply won’t repeat as a deferred task.

Have you set the repeat frequency on the Task to be based on ‘Assigned date’ rather than ‘Completed’? You can still have both Defer and Due Dates and both will repeat based on fixed routine.

Yep what I found was that if the task was not completed on the deferred date it would not repeat again on the next assigned date. This is the issue I am having.

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