Repeating fixed deferred dates without due dates

I have tasks which are actionable at fixed dates every month (e.g. 28th) but do not have due dates. How do i set this up?

All 3 different repeating methods do not seem to work:
(1) Repeat every - automatically inserts a due date which I do not want
(2) Defer another - start date will vary depending on when i complete the previous task
(3) Due again - the tasks in question do not have due dates

Thanks in advance!

Repeat every 1 month, with defer date set to the date you want should work fine, given you don’t postpone the task for another date (as it will repeat based on the task start/deferred date).
I’ve just tested here and did not have any due date added. Then I deleted the start/deferred date (so the task would have no dates set) and observed the problem you are describing. Maybe you could just consider adding a date (even today’s date) for each task?

Hope this helps.