Repeating Project: No Actions

New to the forum. Just wondering if anyone has a repeating project without actions. I’d like to have a project that repeats daily that I can add a “top 5” to. I do acknowledge that there could be a better way to do this so I’m open to ideas.

The end game here is to have a sequential list that I complete on a daily basis. If I don’t complete the list, then I’d like to roll it over to the next day.

Your best bet is to use Flags - that way you don’t have to duplicate tasks/actions or move them from the appropriate project.

Use a ‘Flagged’ Perspective as your ‘Daily task’ List


  1. Clear out any flagged items from yesterday (Yesterday’s priorities may not be Today’s)
  2. Review your projects and Flag the priority items for Today
  3. Switch to the ‘Flagged’ Perspective - Only the items you have flagged are visible
  4. Based on Time/Energy/Willpower pick one and Do It!

There are some lengthy posts/discussions on this approach (and why you should never use a Due Date) in the old omni forum (

A web search on Agile and Omnifocus might help

There are lots of resources here some of the details are for OF1 but the approach is the same.

Edit: Added reason to clear out Yesterday’s flagged actions

Hi @F0cus2, you probably don’t want to use a repeating project for this, only because each time a container (i.e. a project or action group) repeats all of its competed children are recreated. Your description makes it sound like that is not what you’re after. A repeating project is better for a sequence of actions that you do every day (or every month, etc.), like a daily routine (e.g. check email, look at the calendar, return phone calls, etc.)

If you want to be able to pick your “top 5” actions to work on each day, you could just create a project (maybe call it “Top 5”), assign it a due date, and then each morning assign (or drag) the items you want to work on that day into that project. Rather than marking the project complete once its actions are completed, you could just move the date(s) forward, then add more actions the next day.

I hope this helps!