Repeating projects and action groups

I have a repeating project that includes some actions with a deadline and some without, like this:

Project (deferred to 30 July, repeat regularly every year)

  • Action group (due 30 August)
    – Action
    – Action
    Last action (deferred to 30 September)

I’m wondering:

  • do all dates throughout the project get moved one year on when the project repeats, regardless of whether they are due dates or defer dates, and without adding anything to the blank date fields?
  • is there an official explanation of repeat behaviours in OmniFocus with more depth than the one in the user manual?

If a project or action group is given a date and marked to repeat, the dates will get moved forward according to the repeat schedule. From the manual regarding dates: When you mark a repeating item as complete, the next instance of it is created with its start and due dates pushed forward as indicated by the repeat interval. If you want an item to stop repeating, just turn off the Repeat setting in the inspector.