Repeating projects

I want to start a habit of keeping a journal. It’s multi-stepped, so I have a Project titled, “Keep a Journal”, and within that I have, “Morning Writing”, “Come up with ten ideas”, and in the evening I write down, “Three things I’m grateful for.”

Each day I tick off each action, then the Keep a Journal project as a whole. Problem is, since it’s a daily repeating task, it’s cluttering up my “Personal” folder with a competed “Keep a Journal” for each day I completed it.

Well, maybe that’s not a problem? It just seems messy. Is there a “better” way of organizing this, or am I basically doing the standard thing?



If I understand, you have a Project entitled “Keep a Journal” in your top-level “Personal” folder? So you have a completed “Keep a Journal” project (looks like 3 steps per day) for each day?

If so, I’d suggest downgrading your project to an action group within a larger project, like “Routines,” “Habits,” or “Administration.” I have several of those because while my action groups get completed and repeated each day within the project, the project itself never completes and clutters up my all projects view.

To do this, simply drag your “Keep a Journal” project from the sidebar into any other project and it will turn into an action group at the bottom of that project. Make sure the enclosing project is either parallel or single-action so that you can work on multiple habits or tasks without waiting for them in sequence.


That sounds like a fantastic solution, I’ll give it a shot. Thanks!