Repeating task just on weekdays

Hi there,

How do I repeat a task every 10 business day?
The point here is that sometimes a repeat task occurs in weekends and I just want to execute it on weekdays.

The daily inspector doesn’t seem to allow me to exclude weekends.

Does anyone know how this might be possible?



Would it be the same as occuring every 2 weeks? Probably not exactly what you want but might be close.


It’s close but still not what I need.
Anyway, thanks!

I ran into this challenge quite often. I am afraid there is no way yet.


Is repeating every 2 weeks not what you need because you might complete a previous task on a weekend?

It seems that if you set a task to repeat every 2-weeks from the item’s completion date it would work well as long as you don’t mark the item complete on a weekend. Obviously, if you perform a weekly review on the weekend and realized you forgot to mark it complete earlier, you would have to manually put in the completed date as a weekday.

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This idea to repeat every 2w from the item’s completion date it would work for me.
Thanks @MattJ

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