Repeating task list & "Complete when completing last action"

Been using OmniFocus (iOS) for about 6 months now and I understand the basics of ‘Defer’ vs ‘Due.’ However after various forum searches I’ve been unable to find a solution to my problem:

I would like to create a list of tasks, to be done in order and when completed the whole list will repeat again. These tasks (and parent group/project) are not time dependent and don’t need dates associated with them.

Essentially this list represents my study habit/method for Danish. For every Chapter in my Danish Course book I have 10 steps that I follow to help achieve mastery of the material. I start with Step 1, then proceed to Step 2, and so on. By step 10 I have finished that chapter and will move onto the next one. Irregardless of the chapter I’m studying the 10 steps are the same and will repeat again the next chapter. I can get individual tasks to repeat just fine, but only with a deferred or due date. Which I don’t need. I simply need to see what step I’m on in my list.

Currently Trying
I’ve setup a Sequential Project called, “Dansk”
Within this Project I have a Sequential Group called, “Study Cycle” - I tried repeating the group but the tasks don’t repeat. So repeating is currently off here.
Within this group I have 10 tasks, “Step 1, Step 2, etc…” - Currently I have these tasks set to repeat ‘Every Week’ though I really want a scheduled repeat. When I complete Step 10 I simply want Step 1 to become available again.

Is this possible? Am I missing a fundamental idea here? Thanks for any help anyone can provide!

Set the Study Cycle action group’s Repeat Options to Defer Another with a value of 1 day. Also, make sure the action group’s setting of “Complete when completing last action” is ticked. All deferring does without a due date is make the task available (and visible depending upon your perspective settings) at a later time. You could also set the defer option to 1 hour or 1 minute if you wanted to enable multiple successive study sessions on the same day

This will cycle the action group indefinitely within your project until the repeat option is removed or the action group is deleted.

Thanks for the reply!

Alas I’ve already tried this but according to my forum searches I don’t believe Complete when completing last action is available to the iOS version of OmniFocus.

Please note I’m on iOS only. :)

Don’t need this myself on iOS (it already worked on Mac when I did it a year ago), but there is a “secret” OmniFocus URL to change this setting per this thread. If it doesn’t work, you can reference the thread when contacting support.

Will take a look at it, Thanks Kindly!