Repeating tasks cluttering inbox

I am a beginner at OmniFocus and am just now learning how to negotiate its features more fully. I have many small household tasks–some are repeating (the garbage gets picked up every Tuesday, bulk garbage every other Tuesday). Is there a way for these task not to appear in my inbox until, say, the day before they are due? Also some todo tasks I have to do when I get time, but I don’t need to see them in my inbox everyday? If I set them up as a separate project (Household Chores or something like that), do they still show up in the inbox? The todo lists are useful and I need them as reminders, but I don’t want them competing with the major project deadlines.

The Omnifocus Inbox is only used to collect tasks, which are then assigned to certain lists when the inbox is tidied up (projects, single-action lists). Tidying up the inbox is important. With the help of custom perspectives you can determine what kind of tasks you want to see when and how (with the help of due and deferral dates and / or tags). First you need a setup for Omnifocus. I recommend looking for a suitable setup on the Internet, otherwise a comprehensive introduction here would be necessary, which is difficult to do in this forum. Maybe someone has a tip / link on which website a detailed setup can be found. Omnifocus itself also offers tips and assistance on inside.omnifocus.

Tasks will not show up in the inbox if you put them in projects, as the inbox is meant for collecting tasks, as @Monika described, but you will have them show up in the Forecast perspective if you set due dates.

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