Repeating Tasks Daily

Is there a tutorial for OminiFocus 2 on how to create a list of things one wishes to do daily that when checked off regenerates the next day? I’ve done a forum search and there are bits and pieces but for various versions or for aspects but not a tutorial.



Create a Project, create the tasks, and set the Project (not the individual tasks) to repeat on completion.

Thanks TimO,

I gave it a shot and tested it yesterday. Unfortunately the list didn’t regenerate today and I’ve lost all the items I checked off. Can they be recovered?


You may need to set the project option ‘complete when completing all tasks’ (or whatever it is called - I’m not in front of OF right now)

Suggest trying it with a dummy project/tasks to prove it works for you first, try:

Create project (single actions, parallel, whatever you need)
Set option for marking project complete when all tasks complete.
Set the repeat option to either defer 1d or to repeat 1d - this depends on what behaviour you want, which may in turn depend on how you use perspectives. If you set it to ‘repeat’ every day then if you miss a few days (are away or sick) then you will probably have lots of instances of it generating. Choosing defer +1d creates them again and sets a defer date of the next day, so if you are using a perspective that shows you today’s stuff, they will (helpfully) disappear until then.

If the distinction between defer and repeat are confusing, it’s worth spending some time with other OF material for a while. The MacSparky video field guide is good, as are the Asian Efficiency Premium Posts.

If you think you’ve lost some actions (completed or otherwise) go in to the ‘Changed’ perspective - they will all be there.

Or go in to the Projects perspective and type the project name you lost in to the search field - it may just be that having been completed it has disappeared from whatever perspective you were using to view at the time.

Hope that helps!

Thanks so much TimO!