Repeating tasks on a specific day of the month

I have some tasks i have to do on a monthly base but i always do them on the last sunday of the month.
Is it possible to create a task that repeats itself every last sunday of the month?

PS i’ve checked the forum for this and the internet but I couldn’t find a solution for this.

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Unfortunately, there’s no way to specify a date in this way.

One potential workaround would be to create actions for each month all at once and then shoo them away with defer dates (and perhaps another action deferred for next year to create twelve new ones). That works well if the tasks always live in the same project.

If the action is in a project that is re-created or copied from a template every month, then you may want to have an action in there to set those slippery dates.

Unfortunately neither is a very elegant solution.

Thanks for your reply.
I just bought this app for my phone and the mac to find a (in my opinion) simple thing just doesn’t work. The interface is great and looks really nice but this gives me the idea I’ve to look for another app (such a waste of money).
The whole idea of an app like this is to save time not to keep looking for an app that does the “trick”.

Is it really a strange idea that i have to do some tasks on a monthly base on the same day???
I’ve got to inform my accountant something i normally do every last friday of the month…

The good news is that if you’re really unsatisfied, The Omni Group offer a 30 day return policy. They really do want to see you satisfied, whether with their app or not.

That said, you seem frustrated with the time and effort of trying to find the system that works for you. Unfortunately, I think it’s a necessary evil, at least to some extent.

The advantage I see with OmniFocus is the plethora of resources available to support you using OmniFocus. The best, in my opinion, is Kourosh Dini’s Creating Flow with OmniFocus (I believe my first solution to your issue was cribbed or inspired by this book, even). I would also recommend Tim Stringer’s Learn OmniFocus site, with lots of videos and David Sparks’ OmniFocus Video Field Guide. There’s also Asian Efficiency’s OmniFocus Premium Posts, whose content seems good, but their business practise is a bit nauseating. But of course there are free resources, too, like these forums and another helpful one to me was Sven Fechner’s SimplicityBliss OmniFocus articles. (And there are many more!)

If you simply want a solution to this problem, something like Things has a much more robust scheduling system. And for a time I used it, just for that reason. But I came back to OmniFocus because I missed more than I gained, and because Things doesn’t have nearly the same amount of third-party/user support.

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I create the first instance with the appropriate date, and then duplicate it 11 times (for a monthly task for a year’s worth) and then change the date on each one. Not hard, but slightly tedious.

There is a VERY simple workaround.
I wonder how all of you can’t guess the same )).

Suppose, I need a repeating task for every last sunday.
Create a task:

  • due date = the closest last sunday;
  • repeat = every 4 weeks.

And yes - sometimes it may not work!
23/04 - oops, the is not the last sunday
But these exclusions can be corrected. You have to do these corrections twice or trice a year, and it is not a problem

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Thanks all for your replies and help.

I understand i can correct the times it goes wrong and i can make 12 tasks in advance with different due dates.

But to be honest from a great looking peace of software and from sofTware a lot of people speak so highly about and is so long on the market you would expect more.
I mean more a simple repeating monthly task shouldn’t be a issue.

I will stick with the software but I can only hope the people from omnifocus will add this with the next release of the software.

You could do one more thing than just hope. You could send your vote for such functionality to, making it a little bit more likely that they will consider it. I sent them a vote for the same functionality in the review part of Omnifocus.

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