Request: Actions should have a dedicated URL field to link back to the originating task content

If I create a task from another app like AirMail, Mail App etc. then it currently creates a link back to the originating content such as the email. Burying this link in the notes field, along with associated notes makes it hard to find, and requires multiple clicks/taps to get to it. It would much much better if there was a dedicated field for this link, so that it is easy to find. This way a link to the originating content could be include on the task itself, instead of buried in notes, making it easy to jump to.


I like this a lot! I like this feature about Evernote, and I would get great value from this in OmniFocus, too.

I often create tasks from other apps (Google Calendar, Evernote, etc), and I would appreciate this to make the interactions between apps more clear.

Sounds like a great use for the new custom data fields that are (supposed to be) coming. Any update on this, OmniGroup?