Request: Collaboration, Teams, etc

Hoping to hear something soon from you guys at OmniGroup about creating an easier way to collaborate between coworkers. The “Share” button is just not enough. Ideally, I am hoping for a way to sync certain lists with other OmniFocus users, but not the entirety of my OmniFocus as I use it in my personal life too.

Please get on this! You have a lot of requests for it and it does not make sense why you haven’t addressed the issue.


I am dreaming about this feature!
Have lots of tasks related to family & home issues. would be happy to share them with family members )))

I use OmniFocus for my personal stuff.

At my work, the office uses Asana for collaborative projects.

I like to keep work and personal in two distinct apps. Would I like team based features in omnifocus? Sure. But I’m ok with Asana. At least I know I won’t accidentally share my grocery list or something else personal with everyone else.

There were same requests here in forum about a possibility to share projects or project folders with other OF users.
I think OF developers should take attention on it!