Request: Dynamic Date Fields in Filters (e.g. "today" always means "the current date")

OmniOutliner has smart date support in filters (I can filter on the date and enter “today” in the date field and OO interprets it into the current date), but I’d find it incredibly useful to be able to specific more dynamic date math within filters. The most immediately useful would be to put “Start Date is today” in a filter and have that filter always show the items with the current date in the Start Date field.

Currently my workaround is to go into the filter every day and edit it so that that field holds today’s date. But I would much rather just enter “Today”. It would also be nice to specific something like “date is in the next week”, so incorporating some date math like “today + 7 days” would be nice. I’m not sure how that would work behind the scenes, but since OO already supports smart dates and date math, maybe it could store a token instead of a date object in that field of the filter and evaluate it dynamically into a date each time the filter is opened?

I realize that I could use OmniFocus for something like this, but my use case is that I have staggered checkins with students for a class each week and I like to use OmniOutliner both as a reminder of who I’m supposed to checkin with on that day AND as a place to take notes for those checkins. OmniFocus isn’t a great place to do both of these, since the idea is to get entries OUT of the system as you complete them. I like to just go to class, open my OO file, and work in there alone.

This would be very useful, I agree.