Request for Comment on 2016 Road Map

I share your frustration, specially about silence and speed (or lack thereof).
There are hopes, though, as you can see per this tweet from @kcase:


I guess (and hope) these are coming this year.
Maybe @kcase could comment? (-:

I don’t know what more he can say besides the New Year 2016 blog post.

Asking for more clarity would not shine any further light because software development evolves so quickly. If he reveals a software feature that was promised but later pulled, there would be disappointment among us.

The easiest way to see new OmniFocus features is to check out some of the public betas that dribble out from time to time. That’s if you set your OmniFocus preferences to allow beta release updates.

I think they’ve already turned their eyes towards some of the other apps and giving some love and attention to them before returning back to OmniFocus development. Or there are some folks working furiously behind the scenes in the next big update.

Time will tell.

I wish the focus here was on the last word:-(

LOL… maybe I shouldn’t have put in the word “quickly.”

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:-), but :-/

Wish they’d be focusing on missing features waited for over 2 yrs, instead of bringing back makeups that worked 2 yrs ago.


even though we’re still missing features, I’ll gladly welcome the return of theming. I get lost with all the white screen staring at me.

I guess theming was a monster to try to figure out with the OmniFocus 2 frameworks.

Does Ken actually follows this thread? Did he specify that he specify that comments on Roadmap-2016 will be equally heard if posted here at Discourse?

Throughout the forum discussions, you’ll see the Omni Staff appear from time to time. They do try to get through the conversations but some will threads will be missed. The best way to get your feature request/vote in is to send email to

More instructions here:

To a large extent, that’s my point: unless explicitly confirmed by Ken, I won’t expect that feedback on the roadmap will be necessarily heard if posted here.

Notice this thread was created by Omni @SupportHumans (by moving posts from other locations)

Totally agree i see many GTD Tools(*) who are focusing more and more on UI looks (except 2DoApp), but not on features which can make an difference and make your life more effective