Request Outdent Indent task in Ios for subtask

Hi there
after using OF for sometime , using subtask is so important to avoid lots of folder and first layer project
however entering subproject is not confident in ios
if you can add function like omnioutliner for outdent and indent it would make of ios superb …

I suppose this is not as easy on iOS as it is on the desktop.

From the task detail screen, though, you could either:

  • move the subtask to the respective project, thereby leveling it up, or
  • convert it to a project

that would be two taps each, in my opinion that’s pretty fast unless you’d want to do this for a batch of subtasks.

while we are brainstorming it is more easy to add indent or outdent
so we do not have to leave the screen.
well i do no know how technically to program
but the omnioutliner has it in ios

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Agree - that would be convenient. But when you tap on an action in Omnifocus, you get the detail view, which means you can’t tap on an action simply to select it for indenting or outdenting. So it might not be as easy as we would hope to implement such a feature.