Request: Script to Email Daily Forecast

I’d love to see script that would send a daily (or specified interval) email digest/forecast or whats upcoming. Does something similar exist that could be built upon?


You’d better use Help > Contact Omni from the app itself if you want to submit this as a feature request.
Or see if other users could create an AppleScript for that.

Some inspiration from the old forum, can be found here

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I can’t say that I’ve seen a script that does exactly this.
But it should be possible for someone with a bit of OmniFocus scripting savvy to find all tasks due “soon” and email them.


I’m also looking for similar functionality.
Can anyone point me to a script like this? (Though I have long had ambition to learn scripting, I have not yet done so. Therefore, I’m not looking to build my own solution at this time.)