Request: Show parent task

I have a task with three sub-tasks. When I have a perspective set to show “Available” tasks, it only shows the first sub-task. I would like it to show the parent task in addition to the first sub-task.

e.g. with this task structure:

  • parent task (sequential)
    • sub-task 1
    • sub-task 2
    • sub-task 3

Then I would like an “available” filter to show:

  • parent task (sequential)
    • sub-task 1

If you set the perspective’s presentation setting to ‘Entire Projects’, a hierarchy of all the parents of the tasks will be shown, including projects and folders. This is perhaps more structure than you are looking for, but you’ll see where everything fits in your project hierarchy.

I am asking about “Group and sort individual actions” view.

In that type of perspective, you’d like to be able to display one level of parents? What if an action has more than one level of parents?

I haven’t personally had actions with more than one level of parents, but if it were the case, I would like to show each level of parent.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to email this request to The Omni Group by choosing Contact Omni from the Help menu.

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