Requirements Engineering

Hi out here, I am looking for a tool than can support the process of requirements engineering. You know - collect all constraints, analyse them categorise them, prioritize them, eliminate those you can, circumvent those the need to be…
Looking at OF from this perspective I find that the tool has got much already that is needed executing the above described tasks.
However - has ever any one made use of the tool for this matter ? what scripts are necessary to make OF stand out on this process ?
Just curious… I personally like the Omni tools a lot - using them in my daily work - and thought that OF might complete the suite nicely…

Grateful for any hint, suggestion - what ever… thx guys.

I think one challenge you might run into with OmniFocus is that “dependencies” can only be described within a project, not between actions in separate projects. You may find OmniPlan’s features better suited to that.