Reset desktop to defaults

How do I reset the desktop app to the defaults, tags & perspectives etc. But keep my existing database.
Not worried about losing existing tags or perspectives.

I am not sure, but no one has replied, so…

The default perspectives seem to be Inbox, Projects, Tags, Forecast, Flagged, Review, Completed, Changed. So delete any others. In the Perspectives box there is a little gear menu in the bottom bar. It will let you delete any that aren’t default perspectives.

Are there default tags? I thought I had created all of mine but not sure. I think you can just delete ones you don’t want.

One thing you could do is create a temporary user in System Preferences > Users & Groups, log in with that user and open OmniFocus, see what a fresh install looks like. Seems like a kludge, but OmniFocus doesn’t seem geared to creating a blank database.

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