Resize column width in OF3

Hi folks!
Just wanted to check in if one can resize columns in OF3 in the column layout view - I feel like I remember being able to do it in the prior version. And the last post I saw about this was in 2017 for an earlier version. Hence the repeat.


As far as I know, there is still no way to resize columns in OF. I’ve submitted a request for this before, and I suggest you do the same at

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I also submitted a request for this a few month ago, and I strongly encourage you to do the same @leomac. The more requests they receive about a particular issue, the more likely it is that they will address it.

Whenever my MacBook Pro 13" is not connected to an external display, I find this issue really annoying. I prefer to keep the Inspector open at all times, which worked fine in OF2. In OF3, however, the task name column gets far too narrow because tons of space is wasted on the size of the Tag and the Projects columns. Being able to resize the columns would allow us fix this problem.

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Hey all! Good news — there is a hidden preference that does allow you to adjust the maximum width for the tag column. I’ve created a web form you can use to adjust this, which you can find here.

As others have mentioned though, please still email us if having a in-app option to adjust the width of the tag column would be helpful.


Thanks for this. Although I’d prefer to be able to adjust the size of all columns, this helps. Is there a hidden setting for minimum column size. I’d still like the column wider when the window gets smaller.

No, there is not a minimum width that can be set, but adjusting the provided preference will impact the size of the Tags column at smaller sizes. Not only does it set the maximum width, but this maximum width influences the percentage of available width the Tags column uses instead of the Title column when at smaller window sizes.

Lastly, if you’ve not already done so, please email us about wanting the option to manually control the width of any/all columns.

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