Resize Forecast View

I’ve noticed throughout the beta that – from build to build – at various times I’ve been able to resize OF2 when in the Forecast view, and other times, not.

When viewing my Inbox, I’ve always been able to resize OF2.

Just wondering if this is a conscious decision by The Omni Group, a design necessity… or just some sort of bug?

The last several builds have not brought the ability to resize OF2 when viewing my Forecast… and I’d sorely love it back, since OF2 lives on a second monitor (which is in portrait orientation) so I view my Forecast every day…

With the Forecast view at a fixed-width, it’s just too big to fit on the monitor without changing the monitor’s resolution…

First World Problem, I know…

In which direction(s) does OmniFocus refuse to resize?

We have a minimum window width, but not a maximum.

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Sorry, JUST saw your question.

It’s the minimum width (while viewing Forecast) that’s the issue – in some builds, it is sometimes just a tad too wide!

The current build (v87 r209326) is perfect :-)