Resize text in table as table resizes

Hi – I’d like to be able to construct a table with text in each cell. No problem with that. But then I’d like to be able to resize it and have the text keep the same relative size. Make the table small, the text gets smaller with it. Make a small table larger and text gets larger, too. By “smaller” and “larger” I mean changing its dimensions, not the number of columns or rows.

This is to use in a lecture, so I need one smooth motion. I can set the table up ahead of time, but need to be able to resize it quickly and easily.

Thanks for your help!

Edit > Copy as PDF will enable you to paste a scaleable copy of a text-containing shape or table.

To subsequently edit text in the copy pasted as PDF, double-clicking will open the shape/table in a separate link-back window.

Closing the link-back window will return you to the main diagram.

Thanks for the idea, @draft8. That’s an approach I hadn’t thought of. It still feels a bit clunky for my interactive needs. I guess I was hoping there was a “scale font with object” setting someplace that I had missed.

Ha! @draft8 your reply ended up being useful! In creating my reply I used a different vocabulary which led me to a different set of google search terms which led me to the answer :)

See Text in Object Auto Resizing. The short form: Select the table, then look in the Geometry inspector and from the scaling selector, choose “Scale Font”.

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