Resize the side window

Hey there,

OF for the web is awesome - thank you! The key barrier for adoption for me is the project list in the frame on the left of the window. I have projects nested in folders, often with long names. I can’t really see the project hierarchy at all, which makes navigating tough and their doesn’t seem to be a way to resize the size of that window.



Have you emailed in a question or feature request to OF support?

Hey Janov,

Yeah - ages ago. I just thought I’d give it another nudge and see if this bothered anyone else. Also now I’m actually paying to access the interface, I really need it to work for me.

It’s really weird as I don’t imagine it’s that hard to code (although I’m not a coder, so what do I know), but Omnifocus has this problem as so does ToDoIst. In both cases, it prevents (for me at least) easy adoption,

Oh well!