[Resolved] Undeletable project

Hi everyone,

I have a problem in OF2, and I don’t know if it’s a bug or a bad configuration.

When I create a task with a context but without assigning it to a project, OF2 puts this task in a project called “Divers” (“miscellaneous” in french).

So, what I do is that I select all the tasks in this project, and I delete the project name in the inspector. The project is empty, so I delete it.

But (here comes the problem…) a few seconds later, the project “Divers” is back ! And it has all the tasks inside it…

I thought that a task could exist without a assigning it to a project…

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug ?

Thanks for you replies.

Actually…this is a feature.
Preferences > Organization has a setting labeled
“Clean up inbox items which have…”

I suspect you have this set to either “A Context” or “Either a project or a context”
So if you set a context on an action in the inbox and clean up, OmniFocus tries to move this action out of the Inbox. There’s no project set, so it puts them in a miscellaneous/divers project.

You probably want to change this setting to “A Project” or “Both a project and a context” depending on your usage patterns.

(I’ve filed a bug to make this clearer in our documentation.)

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Now I get why this project is still here!

It also answers my question about a task being able to exist out of the inbox without a project.

If I’m right it’s either the task has only a context and is placed in a “Divers” project automatically by OF2, or it has a project and no context.

Thank you lizard!

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Right, an action can’t exist outside of the inbox without a project. So OmniFocus automatically picks the “Divers”/“Miscellaneous” project when necessary.

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