Resource Total Cost Calculation Issue

Hello, I have a simple project plan for myself as the sole resource:

Clearly, the effort required is 8w

However, under the resource view, the total hours calculated show > 13w 1d 5,25h:

I was wondering what I might be doing wrong that could cause this issue?

@waffl Sorry for the trouble! It looks like your screenshots didn’t upload successfully - would you mind emailing them to our Support team instead? They can be reached at Thanks!

Since this missing-screenshot issue bit me in another thread: I think it happens when the “upload” button is used to attach an image to a post. It appears to work initially, but then the image later goes AWOL.

Instead, try dragging the image in question into the post editor. Seems to work better.

Hello, I’ve tried updating the thread by dragging images into the editor as described! Can you let me know if the images are visible correctly now? (they seem to show properly when I refresh the page) I will also email support directly.

@waffl Your images do show up now - thanks for re-uploading them! Unfortunately it’s not immediately obvious to me from your screenshots why this is behavior occurring. Someone from our Support team should reply to your email soon to look into this further with you!