Resources that don't take effort (such as clients)

Hi all,

I’m very new to OmniPlan so please pardon if this has been answered before (I searched and read the docs but could not find an answer).
I’m looking for a way to show when the client is involved in a project. My initial idea was to create a group / resource and assign it to tasks, albeit without affecting the task effort. This seems not to be possible.

What is the best practice with OmniPlan to achieve this scenario?


Have you considered creating those resources as a ‘tool’, rather than as ‘staff’? Since you only need them to be available? You can change the type in the Resource Information inspector:

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Hi Anne, thanks. I enlisted these resources as Tools. Curiously, the first of the tools assigned to a task still changes its duration (effort unchanged). This should not happen. Adding more than one tool would not change the duration proportionally, only the first tool assigned to the task.
So if I have a 2d task with a Resource at 100% and I add a Tool, duration drops to 1d. Adding additional tools will not change duration further. This is not what I expected (OP Mac 2.3.6 Mac Os X 10.9).

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