Reusing gradients

Maybe I’m missing something but how do you re-use a gradient that is used in another shape? I can’t quite work out how the style brush works. Where is it pulling the style from? I’m expecting and adobe style eyedropper so I find the functionality a bit odd.

This can be done using the style “chits” that appear in the Style Tray at the bottom of the Inspector Sidebar. Select the object whose gradient you want to reuse and drag the chit representing the fill (you can also grab the chit on the far left to apply all object styles) to the new object. I hope that helps!

Is there a way to save a gradient to the swatches (chits) in the colors panel?

Hey @rpomeroy!

It sounds like you are referring to the feature that was added in 7.11 that allows modifying the Inspector’s color wells. In its current state, those wells will only hold values that you can define from the system’s Color utility. So that means you can put solid colors in there (with different opacity values) plus macOS’s patterns. So gradients aren’t currently supported.

If you have specific use cases that you’d like to add to the feature request in our development database, please email our Support Humans at . Hope that helps!