Review and Defer Confusion

I seem to be at odds with my review system.

As some of you may have noticed, it’s deep into fall. I’d like to push off all my garden projects and tasks until next spring, say, 3/1/19. I’d also like to not to have to see or review them until 3/1/19 (when it makes sense). Come Glorious Spring, I’d like to review them every week.

Problem: If I Defer Until 3/1/19 + make the Next Review 3/1/19 + set the Review Every week, I’m still somehow seeing these tasks in my review every week.

What then is the purpose of setting Next Review?

Do I misapprehend? Are there settings to actually accomplish the above? Inquiring minds wish to know.

Review is it’s own cycle. You can review differed or on-hold projects to see if they need to be changed in anyway. Can you start sooner? Should you drop it.

Differed - When can I start on this?
Review - When do I next want to know if this is still a valid project?

As @michaelpporter has said they are different cycles.

Best solution is:

  • to defer the garden projects/actions until the spring (or put them on hold)
  • change the review frequency to 5 months
  • set an action to amend the review frequency (and un-hold) the projects for a date in the spring. I have a tickler project (reviewed on monthly cycle) for these sort of actions.

Many thanks. I do comprehend that they are different cycles.

What befuddles me is that under the current implementation, Next Review is a passive UI element—not active, as it does not defer or override the calculus of the Review Every setting. The two user-definable settings seem to argue with each other, rather than complement each other.

I’m either the victim of a logical fallacy when interpreting the UI presented, or else Omni has made an odd choice in what supercedes what under the hood.

@PhilRob Your solutions parallels my solution, but it just seems strange to have to inject a meta-review of Review; particularly when OG did such a fine job in the granularity of repeating dates.

If you set the Next Review of your garden projects to March 1, 2019, then these projects shouldn’t show up in the Review perspective until this date arrives.

If you haven’t already, I recommend reaching out to the Omni Group for support at

Many thanks all.

As it turns out, my interpretation of the correct settings were, well… correct. I’ve checked with OG support humans, and we’re monitoring whether I’ve got a local corruption, or else they’ve got a bug that could prevent the inputs in these fields from taking under some conditions.

But in theory, yes, setting for Defer Until: 3/1, Next Review: 3/1, and Review Every 1 week should get exactly the results desired.

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