Review by Project Status?

I’ve been struggling with review in OF 2.

My procedure under OF 1 was to first review all projects that are stalled, then pending, active, on hold and finally remaining.

I cannot figure out how to restrict the review in OF 2 to one class of projects at a time and it’s driving me batty.

I am really hoping I’m just missing something that will be obvious when pointed out but I sure can’t find it.

Please help.

If you have the Pro edition you could create a Custom Perspective showing stalled projects sorted by the Next Review date (see screen shot below). All projects that are up for review will appear at the top of the list, and you can review them by selecting the project and choose Edit > Mark Review or pressing ⌘+⇧+R (once you’ve made any updates to the project…likely adding at least one next action). The same approach could be applied to active and on hold projects. It’s not ideal, but would do the job.

On a side note, you can use the Focus feature in the Pro edition to focus the review on a specific folder within your OmniFocus setup. For example, I’ll sometimes focus on my Personal folder and review all of my personal projects, and then focus on my Work folder and review all my work projects. That way I’m not dealing with a long list of project to review all at once.

I hope this helps!