Review Interval overrides Next Review Date?

I’m having a problem with the Next Review function working like I think It’s supposed to. I have 80 or so projects, some of which don’t require attention for some time, maybe a month or more. I want these out of my review and workflow until I can take action on them.

In my last review, I set the project status to ON HOLD and set the next review date for an appropriate date in the future. I set the review interval to 1 week because, once active, I want to review on weekly basis. I then marked the projects reviewed, thinking they’d disappear from Review until date X specified and then appear weekly for review.

Now it’s a week later, my review lists 85 projects with the next review date as TODAY instead of the date I entered the previous Sunday. Am I missing something simple here?

I think you will find that ON HOLD has nothing to do with the review cycle. If you’ve marked the review cycle as one week then I’m thinking OF will be expecting to review weekly if only to check whether or not ON HOLD is still the correct status.


Thanks for your response. I’m using the ON HOLD status for filtering in other perspectives. I would expect ON HOLD projects to appear in Review, but not until the designated Next Review date.

For projects that you expect to put on the shelf, change the review cycle to a longer interval. Most of my on hold projects are set to a 1 month review interval. I won’t see it until next month. Some other on hold projects are set to be reviewed to 6 months or 12 months.

My “File 1040 tax return” project is set to be reviewed once a year. I don’t have to look at this project on a frequent basis.

The only projects I have set to a weekly review are active projects and any projects that change frequently on a weekly basis. I’ll like to review these projects more closely.