Review Perspective Problem

The last few weeks I’ve done my weekly reviews on Sundays. This weekend I’m busy Sunday and wanted to do the review Saturday instead. Except the review perspective is empty and there’s no way to mark a project reviewed from any other perspective.

Similarly, if you only have time for reviews on weekends and do a review on the Monday of a long weekend, everything goes an extra week before getting reviewed.

Has anyone else encountered this? How do you deal with it?

If you’re on OmniFocus for Mac and have the Pro edition, you can use this clever script by Joe Buhlig to automatically change the Next Review date:

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Thank you, @timstringer! This looks useful. But it also looks like it will only adjust review dates forward, not backward. The latter is what I need in order to do the review a day early.

I’m a programmer and can probably work out how to accomplish this, but am a bit nervous about debugging against my “production” database.

Plus… this looks like it was written in the OF2 era? It’s not entirely clear to me which APIs work the same vs. differently in OF2 vs 3… For instance, my understanding of “review every 1 month” in OF3 is that the project becomes eligible for review on the same day of the next month, not on the 1st day of the month.

OK, never mind, it does work the way I need, after adjusting the conditionals to suppress moving annual/monthly reviews. Next thing to adjust would be to move the review date on anything whose review date is in the next N days, rather than based on review frequency.

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