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This is happening quite frequently on my end. On my “Review Days”, I’ll review perhaps 30 or so projects on the Mac version. However, the status of these reviews are not fully syncing to iOS versions. For example, I have six projects now that show up as needing review, even though I reviewed them already.

On the desktop version, these projects show up with the right next review date. However, on the iOS versions, the older date is still there.

What is the resolve for this? Reviews take time, and this is starting to become an annoyance for me.

have you reported this to the OF support team?

I first reported it February of this year. I just sent another message to their support team.

On your mac when you are reviewing, are you “marking” the projects reviewed or just changing the dates? I ask because I have what seems like a related issue. On my Mac, I frequently update a review date for a batch of projects (maybe because I missed the scheduled date but I still want to keep the project review on the same schedule). I found that when I did this, it appeared as it should on Mac, but on iPad and iPhone, the review perspective still showed all those projects whose dates I changed.

What I learned from Omni Support is (I’m paraphrasing here so this may not be as nuanced as it was explained to me) that the date changes for reviews don’t sync, only clicking the button to mark the project reviewed syncs. I was not sure if this non-syncing was a bug or intended behavior.

None of this may apply to your situation, I just offer it as a troubleshooting lead.


In this case, I changed almost all of the due dates and didn’t mark the project as reviewed. I typically do my reviews on Sundays, so I always have a Sunday date for the next review date. Because I reviewed on a Monday, I just changed the dates to the next scheduled review date, which would be on a Sunday.

The fact that only six of them stayed behind while the other 20+ projects synced kinds of baffles me.

Hopefully support can figure something out.

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