Review Skips a Project

I occasionally (maybe once every 10-15 items reviewed) encounter a situation where it seems that OF has skipped an item in my review list. That is, I mark a project as reviewed, and then OF places the focus on not the next project in the list but the one after it. I have not yet discerned a pattern or an action that triggers this behavior. Has anyone else encountered this? I’m not entirely sure that it’s not caused by something I do, like a random touch on my touchpad. (Though if that were the case, the number of projects skipped would vary.)

I also see this. The projects tend to be my “catch-all” Single Action Lists.

Now that you’ve mentioned it I might send a bug report to Omni.

Thanks. I’ll report as well.

After paying attention to this, I can now see a pattern. I see this happen when I mark a sequential project as reviewed. In that case, the project selection skips.

I have the same problem. I sent an email too.

Has anyone received a response on the matter?

Yes. Omni support suggested rebuilding the database, which worked for me.

Thanks. Worked here too.