Right sidebar not remembering collapsed sections

use-case: task selected in main view with right sidebar active. a few of the right sidebar sections are collapsed.

currently: when restarting OF, all sidebar sections are open (not collapsed)

expected: all sections that where collapsed before shutting down OF, should be collapsed after restart. either on a per task basis or on a general basis. currently neither seems to be the case.

Please implement this feature or I might as well be missing something obviously here. In that case, please enlighten me.


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The forums are a great resource for people like yourself to get answers and help from the community at large. However if you need some help right away, or would like to add your voice to our database of requests please email us directly at OmniFocus@OmniGroup.com.

Currently the right hand sidebar aka the Inspectors don’t have a way to save the expansion state of those sections. We do have a request to add this ability in our system though!