Roadmap 2020 - July Update

I’m a bit concerned that there was no mention of plans for OmniOutliner in the new roadmap, and I hope OmniGroup isn’t quietly planning to let it disappear.

Many of us have posted good ideas for how to improve it and extend its power and capabilities. It’s still an important part of my workflow, and I suspect it is for a lot of others.

Is it just me or does anyone else share this worry?


Yes. I’m heavily dependent on OmniOutliner for both workflow and information storage and access.

I think Omni made a strategic error long ago when they decided to place the task management features that could have been integrated into OmniOutliner in a separate product (OmniFocus) instead. The integration of outlining with task management makes for an indispensably powerful tool. A few software titles (GrandView, Circus Ponies Notebook) have gotten part way there over the years, but haven’t known how to complete the integration or market it successfully.

As is, OmniOutliner remains a powerful and highly-polished tool for information management. I really hope it isn’t going to be dropped.

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I don’t know if you ever used Ecco Pro back in the 90s, but it totally aced it. Alas, they never made a Mac version and it was discontinued in 1997. OO has gotten closer to Ecco’s capabilities over the years, and is tantalizingly close now, so I’m really hoping they stick with it. Nothing else out there does what OO does.

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I was a rabid ECCO Pro fan. Rabid.

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Me too. I used it for everything, and probably in ways the developers hadn’t even thought of. That’s what I loved about it. So versatile, powerful, and customizable. It was the best piece of software I’ve ever known.


Just got the note about the new (optional) subscription model. That doesn’t sound like they’re planning to drop support for it.

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ECCO Pro !!! User up until last year when I moved permanently to the Mac. I hope they keep up with it, the stand-alone is great and the subscription model sounds doable with the right feature set for me.

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I’ve used OO since its early years and it took a long time to get it to where I wanted it. Came to it after the loss of MOST which for me was one of the really great apps - loved the ability it had to convert an outline into a very clean and flexible flow chart. That said, OO is a crucial part of my work, including its value for speeches and presentations.

I would not be in favor of a subscription option - I find those really a pain in the neck. Would rather pay an upgrade price and be done with it. I’ve dropped a number of programs because they went to subscription.

But sure do appreciate the numerous options and flexibility of the OO. I use a number of the Omnigroup apps and have always found them responsive, helpful and they design great programs.