Round trip from Drafts to OmniFocus and back

With the implementation of the new autosave parameter in the URL scheme, I’m finally starting to port some of my methods away from the Auto-Parser and into the new automation methods. And since it’s been working quite well, I thought I’d share the one I use most: adding from Drafts.


This will add an item to Drafts with:

  • the title of the draft becoming the name of the task.
  • the body of the draft becomes the note of the task.
  • the project of Blog Post Ideas.
  • the context of Running.

Obviously, you can change the last of those two to get what you want. Enjoy!


on OF url scheme page there’s seemingly no mention of autosave parameter. what does it do?

It bypasses the need to hit “Save” in OmniFocus. It adds the task without the need to confirm.