Ruler controls in OmniGraffle for Mac 7.4 gutter

I did something foolish and accidentally drag a number of controls out of the gutter on Omnigraffle 7.4 on the mac. I’ve tried a number of things and searched a number of locations but don’t seem to be able to restore them. Hoping someone can point out what I feel must be the completely obvious thing I’m overlooking. I’ve attached a screen cap of the controls in question below.

Those controls in the first picture should be right above the ruler to the left of the side bar tabs.

I could only attach a single image to previous post. For better context those controls belong where I have the red circle in this image.

Not sure if this is the most direct restoration route, but they do seem to return when you choose any of the workspaces options of the Inspectors menu ( Sidebar | Floating | Palettes ):

That seems to have done it. Thanks!