Run AppleScript in every task

I’m using Hook and I’d like to run an AppleScript to hook every task to its parent Project.

Could anyone help me how to do this?

Could be done. Regardless of how automated you want this to be, even in the minimal functionally will require a non-trivial amount of Applescript.

  • Can you elaborate more as to why you need this?
  • How do you imagine the workflow?
  • Do you want to select the parent task “Project” and then invoke your script and have everything work out?
  • Or, do you want to manually select the sub-tasks before invoking the custom script?

I’m experimenting with hook and one of the things that troubles me (more than it should) is that as far as I can tell, connections in hook are stored forever.

Hook has no way of knowing when (say) an OF task is deleted - so it can’t purge that from it’s sqlite DB of connections.

I did a back of a napkin calculation and worked out that if I created 10 hook connections a day for 10 years it wouldn’t make a dent in my mac’s storage. But it offends my very soul.

If you’re starting to think about automating hook connections though, that might change things.

I just thought it would be worth mentioning before you hook every file on your hard drive :-)

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