Running OF 1 and OF2 Side by Side?

The new forum search is inconclusive, I can’t believe I’m the only one who won’t upgrade until I can try out the new OF2 side by side with my old OF1 without messing it up in case I want to stick with the old version. The disaster that is OF 2 on iOS makes me particularly leary of switching without a decent trial period.

Once OF 2 is shipping later today, how do I get it and try it without losing my existing system?

I will want to pull over my entire database and will be doing duplicate marking of tasks complete and adding projects etc during the trial so I need both to be fully operational at the same time.

Can someone make a sticky of how to do that?

Absolutely Oogie, here’s another thread I found about the same thing:

When OmniFocus 2 is out, just download from the product page.

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