Sad about extra tap in OF2 to advance a date

What I loved about OF1 for iPad over the iPhone and OSX versions was as soon as you tapped on a task you could directly tap “+1Day”, “+1Week”, and “+1Month”. It was fast and easy and I regularly set dates on the iPad because of it.

Now in iPad OF2 I have to additionally tap on the defer date or due date before I can access “+1 Day” etc., even though there is 60x90mm of unused white space on the main task “info” window.

Would prefer to see those options return to the main “info” window of the task like in OF1 (there is room) instead having to drill further down the sub-windows.


Agreed. Reporting via email. Suggestion: do the same (only official way to have it considered by the Omni humans. )

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I absolutly agree; I’m also very sad that the “Today” button disappeared- it was an easy way to get it on today, beeing than able to set a defer day in relations to today

I’ve emailed the Omni team about this already, but the date-related thing that I’d add to this is that the new v2 iOS apps don’t adjust the DUE date based on the DEFER date. Consider this workflow…

Enter a title, choose a project, a context… then set a DEFER date of tomorrow. It will default to 12am tomorrow, which is fine. Then tap on the DUE date selector and it will default to today. The v1 versions for both iPhone and iPad would default the DUE date to be the same day as the DEFER date.

So for an action that I don’t want to see until Friday, but want to have completed on Friday, requires more taps than in the older versions and - if left at the default selections in the UI when I tap the dates - would give me a DUE date that comes before my DEFER date (formerly Start date).

That annoys me several times a day.

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Yes I’ve just put a request in also.

I checked this and you are right. In version one the due date was always “start date aware” and whatever you tapped for due would suggest a date based on the start date. Now you have a due that that falls before the deferred date (if you don’t fix it).