Same task, multiple projects

I have one task, i need to do in more then one project. so how can i build it up in omnifocus? both projects depends from doing this one task?! Can someone help me?

Project A

  • buy Computer (same in project B)
  • Do 1st step
  • Do 2nd step

Project B

  • buy Computer (same in Project A)
  • write a letter

Then IMO that task does not belong in either project, but somewhere else(errands perhaps)… what does belong in those projects is a “waiting for Computer purchase” note or task as a reference. That way when reviewing the project you can see what is holding them up.

It’s akin to waiting for feedback from one colleague on two separate issues/projects. I use a “waiting for” tag so I can easily see where road blocks are happening all in one place.

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Another approach might be to put Project B on hold, then add a task in Project A after ‘buy computer’, to take Project B off hold.

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