Save repeating task list

Can I save a task list and then “load” the tasks whenever I need them?

I’m a tv production coordinator. Every episode has the same list of task items. These are not repeating tasks on a weekly or monthly basis. They are sometimes weeks apart and sometimes simultaneously. For example: Book car, book hotels, book flights, print releases.

Can I save a task list and then “load” the tasks whenever I need them?

For example if I had a luggage packing list for traveling. It wouldn’t repeat on a weekly basis. But I want to pull up the same list every time I travel.
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Can I save and load this list whenever I need it.

Is this possible?


There are several options for that:

  • You could export the task list to taskpaper format and import when needed.
  • Save the task list to a “template” folder in OF, put it on hold, and copy-paste when needed
  • Use iOS shortcuts to recreate the list every time it is needed
  • use drafts to create the list each time it is needed

a lot of info can be found here:

I just realized that somewhere in the updates an option appeared to import omni outliner document under the file menu. So, I can easily just keep my lists in OO and import to OF when needed. Thanks!