Saving/Priting as PDF

Does anyone else have trouble saving larger files as PDF?

Larger files (size and scale) get pretty distorted when I print as PDF.

When exporting the same file as a PNG, all looks fine.

When exporting as a Vector PDF, the shapes are better, but fonts and imported images look terrible.

Smaller files seem to be ok.

Never had this problem myself - than again, don’t know what you mean by ‘bigger’ and ‘smaller’. Example would help to understand this.

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Here is the same Canvas, exported as PDF and PNG.

The Canvas is BIG (50cm x 150cm) and the file size is relatively LARGE (400kb).

The shapes all get distored when Printing as a PDF:

They look fine when Exporting as a PNG.

hmm, I just made a simple squarish sort of thing with text inside 100x100 inches and saved as PDF. Since it is just a simple graph its file size is only 6KB, I noticed no distortions. That file size may be suspicious…

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The Canvas is 50cm x 150cm, but the buttons are 3cm x 1cm, with lots of other stuff on the Canvas…