Saving the document results in style loss

Maybe the title isn’t really clear, but this problem that I am having is really complicating my review notes!
I love Omnioutliner especially because it lets you organize styles according to levels, and it’s wholly automatic. And it’s a charm. Until when, for no obvious reason (even after properly saving the document), some styles are lost and some others aren’t.

The document that I am working with is quite large (I am summarising a whole Biology book), but I can assure you this has happened with many other docs.

e.g.: I style the third level as blue and bold. Yay! Looks pretty and functional. Now I save it, and proceed to close and re-open the same document. The blue and bold has disappeared. Screams of pain, and cries of horror, now everything looks pretty much the same.

Is there any way that this can be fixed? Also, has any of you encountered the same bug? I would really appreciate the feedback from this community, even suggestions are very welcome!

I am using a Macbook Pro Retina 13’ (OS X 10.10.2) and everything else runs just fine.

I really love OmniOutliner, and I don’t want to have these silly bugs ruining its incomparable beauty!

Thank you for your time, really.
If you need more info, just ask away!

Oh, forgot something. Note that I usually do this

LEVEL 1: Fruit
LEVEL 2: Apple, Banana, Pear

Say I ONLY style “Pear” to be blue and bold,

When I say “I lose the style,” I only lose pear. The style of LEVEL 1 isn’t lost or anything.

Just “Pear,” gawddamnit. That’s why it gets me so mad! :(

Please send a copy of this document to along with specific instructions on how to reproduce this issue so we can see exactly what is happening. Thanks!

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