Scaled Printing

In OF1, I would go into File:Page Setup and change the scale from 100% to 80%. (I preferred large type on the screen, but not on the printouts.) The effect of this would be to make the font smaller, but the margins remained the same.

But when I do this in OF2, it shrinks the margins, this defeating the purpose. (I’m trying to get more text on a page.)

Is there a way to print out with smaller fonts, without shrinking the margins? Again, the goal here is to get more text on the printed page.

Just did some experimenting … I exported to HTML, chose “View:Zoom Text Only” and zoomed out twice. This brought the font down to a nice size for printing, giving me a lot more text per page. Also, the HTML printout has much narrower margins than just printing straight from OF - another reason I get more text per page this way. I’d be happy except … the print is gray, not black.

Any way to get the HTML export to print black instead of gray?

To illustrate … here’s what the first page of my straight OF2 printout looks like:

… and here’s what the HTML printout looks like.

Notice I can get almost twice as many items on the HTML printout page as on the OF2 printout page. I just wish there were a way to do this in one step (in OF2) instead of multiple steps (exporting and zooming).