Scheduling bug?

I try dragging a task where from where the auto-leveler placed it to a point in time where it was actually done and OmniPlan insists on putting it back. I go into the inspector and try setting the exact time and date and OmniPlan insists on leaving it as the time it originally schedules it. How do I change this? It’s a really huge problem to have things noted as being done a week from now when they were done yesterday. Note: even with auto-leveling off, I am seeing this problem.

I found the problem: An prerequisite was marked as incomplete. In the future a better approach would be to allow the rescheduling but issue a “violation” message explaining what is wrong.

Apologies for the confusion! Next time something is behaving unexpectedly, try selecting Show Scheduling Influences, under the View menu; that will often point out what’s happening!

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